Current Offerings

Awakening Light

Yoga Nidra & The Art of Conscious Rest

16th October - 13th November 2023

5 Week Online Course

Luminous Heart

Meditations for living from an

Awakened Heart

20th November - 18th December 2023

5 Week Online Course


Breathwork for Living an Inspired Life

6th February - 12th March 2023

A 6 Week Online Course

Exploring the breath through the cycles of Birth, Life, Death and the Void.

A journey of self-inquiry, personal transformation and inspiration embodied.

Reiki Level I & II Attunements


Summer 2023

Costa Rica

December 2023

Reiki Master Teacher Training

Spring 2024

In-Person Costa Rica Retreat

+ 6 week Online Program

& 1 Year Personal Mentorship

Welcome to Infinity Within,

My name is Ellanah Marina Rose and I am devoted to creating spaces for you to connect deeper home to your innermost essence, to your truth, to the wisdom of your Heart.

Soften Home to Your Innermost Essence